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Van's Gun Blue - 4 oz


Degreasing and Cleaning:

Before bluing, proper steel preparation is important.  This means first smoothing out any pits, scratches or rust to your satisfaction.  For this process, steel wool and very fine sandpaper (600 - 1200 grit) are preferred.  Next the steel must be degreased.  Oils will block uniform penetration of Van's into the steel.  Degrease using the methods and materials you believe will work best for the steel you are bluing.  Many customers report positive results from using Acetone or denatured alcohol.  Pink Naval Jelly is recommended for completely stripping a gun's factory finish.


Apply Van's Instant Gun Blue with a clean cloth.  Old, 100% cotton T-shirts work great for application as do unused tooth brushes, as they are free from other chemicals.  Cotton balls, cotton swabs, and gun patches contain oils and are not recommended.  When applying Van's, work in small 2-3 inch sections to ensure consistent even bluing.  Once the desired color is reached, wipe the area with a clean dry cloth.  At this point in the process the finish will appear very dull.  Next, buff the area with a piece of #0000 steel wool which will bring a luster to the blued area and blend it with the rest of the gun.  When the desired finish is attained, stop the oxidation process by applying your favorite gun oil.  

Tips for using Van’s Instant Gun Blue:

  • If you're using Van’s for touch ups, don't be scared to go over your other finish in order to blend. Van's should not disturb the factory finish.
  • For bluing an entire barrel, work in 2-3 inch sections to better mark your progress.
  • The longer the bluing stays on the steel, the darker color you will create
  • Blue screws and nails while you're working on the barrel; just let them soak in Van’s
  • Using a hair dryer, heat gun or warm oven to heat the steel will speed the bluing process. 
  • Solid Sal Ammoniac on case hardened steel before bluing may prove in helping the steel accept the blue better
  • Attention Tool and Die Makers: Use Van’s Instant Gun blue on your pattern blanks before scribing. It won't rub off and you get a sharp, distinct line with the scriber to hone, file or grind to. Within a minute after applying the blank is ready to use.
  • Apply good gun oil after bluing. This will stop the oxidation process.
  • As with most chemical products, wear protective gloves and always wash hands after use.