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JWR Artist's Acrylics - Cadmium Orange Medium Hue 06 oz


JWR-Artist's Acrylics were originally formulated for professional artists in the greater Los Angeles area in 1962. The need arose for a versatile, concentrated, acrylic paint that could be used by fine artists, designers, graphic artists and decorative artists alike. Modern Masters has created a full line of acrylics with the necessary attributes that allow for different application techniques. Long brush stroke, high pigment concentration, consistent matte finish, interior and exterior durability and compatibility with all other water-based paints have made Modern Masters the professional's choice for decorative artist acrylics.


  • Comprehensive Color Range - Modern Masters JWR-Artist's Acrylics
  • Interior/Exterior Permanent Pigments - Excellent light-fast rated pigments for exterior murals and signage.
  • Concentrated Colors - Use our artist colors to tint water base glaze (used for decorative/faux painting) instead of expensive and limited, universal colorants.
  • Brushable Consistency - Paint can be used from the jar without diluting and has a creamy, easy to brush consistency.
  • Easily Dispersed in Water- Can be diluted easily in water for watercolor techniques and air brushing.
  • Matte Finish - All colors dry to a consistent matte finish.3
  • Non-Toxic - Perfect for decorative murals or stenciling in children's rooms.